17th Summit of Francophonie in Yerevan: Living Together

Festivals and Events

17th Summit of Francophonie will take place in Yerevan on October 11 and 12. High ranking officials from top francophone countries will be in the limelight.

07 Oct

​Armenia, as one of the countries with an outstanding affiliation to the French culture, is hosting the XVII Summit of Francophonie. Summits have been held every two years since 1986, and Yerevan is the 17th in this order. As every year, influential heads of states will be gathering in the capital city of Armenia to discuss major topics on ways to promote the Francophone values such as education, peace, sustainable development, protection of human rights and more.  

The Summit will be chaired by the President of Armenia, Mr. Armen Sarkissian, and the Armenian government, who will stay responsible for the Summit until Tunisia undertakes the official duties as the host country of the 18th Summit in 2020. With the slogan of “Living Together”, Armenia will integrate the representatives of all carriers of Francophone culture under one roof: that of Yerevan.

Leaders like Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau will be attending the Francophonie Summit in Yerevan, together with other heads of member states, foreign affairs ministers, ambassadors, etc. The Summit will take place at Karen Demirchyan Sports Complex, where Armenia successfully hosted the 31st Ministerial Conference of Francophonie in 2015. 

Francophonie 2018 is more than just a set of standard sittings of Government officials. As part of the Francophonie tradition, Yerevan will also set up a Francophonie village for everyone to attend to. In addition to the confirmed motto, the village will come under the slogan of “Living and Creating Together”. This village will be the venue for exhibiting and experiencing the cultural distinctiveness of all participating countries. Starting from arts and crafts to pieces of national cuisine, national songs, dances and dynamic flash mobs, Francophonie will fill the air of Yerevan with joyful celebrations. The village will be open from October 7 till October 12, on the very hotspot of Yerevan, Freedom Square.  

The goal of Francophonie is to promote the French language and the cultural diversity, universal values of peace, democracy and human rights, importance of education, research and development, as well as sustainable development. By organizing the 17th Summit of Francophonie, Armenia stands firmly on the roots of the values of Francophonie, by pioneering peace, democracy, cultural diversity and continuous learning. 

Francophonie 2018 is a perfect opportunity to come to Armenia, be a part of the big Francophone community, have a personal say in the protection Francophone values and use this chance to visit the breathtaking places of interest of Armenia. Before planning your trip get to know what to eat once in Armenia, top sightseeing places to visit, museums to attend to, or other travel essentials.

Schedule of Events

October 7 
  • ​Opening of workings by the Francophonie Secretary General, President of the Permanent Counsel of Francophonie
  • Political, diplomatic, and economic questons
  • Preparations of the XVII Summit of Francophonie
October 8-9: Ministerial Conference of the Francophonie
  • ​Multilateral Francophone Cooperation
  • Decision on the date and venue of the next Ministerial Conference of the Francophonie
  • Inauguration of the Village of Francophonie, at the Freedom Square in Yerevan
​October 10: Yerevan Economic Forum 2018

• Formation of an annual format for economic forum of La Francophonie
• Development of common perspectives of economic cooperation based on Francophone Economic Strategy
• Promoting favorable conditions for mutual investments and cooperation
• Establishment and development of institutional and professional networks between francophone entrepreneurs and international  organizations
• Formation of a network of high-tech ministers from member states

October 11: XVII Summit of Francophonie, Day 1
  • ​Official opening ceremony, Reception of the delegations: 8:30-13:00 
  • Official dinner invited by the Secretary General of the Francophonie: 13:00-14:30
  •  Opening of the workings of the Summit: 14:30-17:15
  • Report of the Presidency of the XVII Summit of Francophonie: 17:15-19:30
  • Gala Concert (ZAZ, and other famous francophone artists are to perform): 19:30-21:30
  • State Dinner: 21:30 
October 12: XVII Summit of Francophonie, Day 2
  • ​Report of the Secretary General of the Francophonie: 08:45-13:25
  • Acceptance of the declaration, resolutions, and other documents of the Summit
  • Decision on the date, venue of the next Summit of Francophonie, and election of the president of the Francophonie: 13:25-13:40
  • Closing ceremony: 
  • Press Conference