Armenia on the Crossroad of Peace

Festivals and Events

Encouraging cultural exchange through peaceful interactions and dialogue, Armenia organizes the annual “Armenia on the Crossroad of Peace” folk festival.

20 Sep

​Celebrated on September 20 to 25, “Armenia on the Crossroad of Peace” festival is organized with the mission of promoting peace and cultural understanding between different cultures and nationalities. This is a unique festival for the country because Armenia will showcase not only its own culture but also demonstrate that of other countries and promote those among the locals.

The cultural exchange that is envisioned to happen during the “Armenia on the Crossroad of Peace” festival will be in form of music and dance performances, arts and crafts exhibitions, telling traditional narratives, displaying national costumes, playing national musical instruments and presenting other central elements of culture.

This is a great opportunity for foreign cultures to spread and be more widely known among local Armenians as well as for the Armenian culture to become more recognizable for the internationals.

“Armenia on the Crossroad of Peace” is not only a festival but also a platform for cultural exchange, aiming to establish relationships among various nations, promote cultural heritage and mutual awareness. This is another occasion for all of us to learn about other cultures, to love and accept diversity.

We will be waiting for you on September 20-25 in Byurakan. Come and tell your story, share your own identity and learn that of others!

Photo Credits: Armenia on the Crossroads of Peace Festival