Gata Fest 2019

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You do not actually need a reason to eat Gata, but when there is a special festival for this delicious Armenian dessert, you simply have to participate and enjoy the taste.

21 Sep

What is Gata?​

Do you know what is the one thing that many international tourists and foreign diplomats want to take from Armenia back to their home when they are about to leave the country? Yes, you’ve guessed: it is Gata.

Gata is an Armenian sweet bread or pastry, baked in a tondir (underground clay oven), or in a regular oven. It is one of the unique dishes of Armenian cuisine. The differentiating taste that Gata stands out with is generated due to Gata’s main ingredient - khoriz. The latter is prepared from flour, clarified butter, and sugar.

In addition to the spectacular taste, there is another habit that makes the Gata-eating process even more attractive and interesting. It is a widespread practice for local cooks to put a coin inside a Gata before baking it and, whoever gets the piece with the coin in it, will have good luck and many happy returns.

What will the Gata Festival be all about?

Gata Festival will be held on September 21 in Khachik village, Vayots Dzor region. When you come to the festival, you will witness the Gata making process, feel its genuine, freshly-baked taste, and experience all the traditional practices associated with Gata making.

There is also a big surprise coming for you  and when we say “big”, we literally mean it. Every year, during this yummy festival, organizers prepare a symbolically huge Gata. All participants can eagerly have a bite of this big cake.

By the way, the festival goes beyond than being dedicated to Gata only: during the festival you will also see how the villagers make Arishta (Armenian pasta), as well as have an opportunity to taste and buy it. And if you want to drink some alcohol while having your meal, we have good news for you - ou can also see how villagers distill vodka on the spot and taste it yourself.

Gata Festival will not only be about food and drinks. You will also get to know several key elements of the Armenian culture in form of handmade crafts, which will be  displayed in an open marketplace for arts and crafts.
Mark your calendars, and come to the Gata Fest on September 21. Once you taste Gata, you will never forget it, and you will definitely want to have some more. 

And surely, remember about all the fun activities that you will experience throughout the festival.

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