HayBuis Festival

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Nature and ecology are two of the many reasons why tourists come to Armenia. This beautiful festival called “Hay Buis” (translated as Armenian Herb) promotes ecological thinking through fun and educational activities.

30 Jun
142 km

Organized since 2015, HayBuis Festival will take place this year on June 30, at “Apaga” resort located in Yenokavan, Tavush region (146 km away from Yerevan). 

The festival is dedicated to the great variety of Armenian herbs, different methods of use, as well as their useful and healing properties. There will be an open-air fare of various souvenirs and ecologically clean products.

Various master classes are going to be a central part of the festival. These master classes will teach how to make bags, dolls, baskets and shoes from different herbs and seeds. There will be cooking lessons, tea parties, and other fun activities for children. Visitors will also witness the preparation of a 20-meter long lavash brduch made with Armenian herbs and various types of cheese.

An important goal of the festival is to educate and enlighten. Organizers say: “We protect what we love. We love what we know.” The purpose of the festival is to promote the rational use of grasses in the highlands in everyday life and to support a healthy lifestyle, develop ecological thinking. For this reason, there will be educational games on forest biodiversity and more. Lectures on various subjects, including architecture, remnants, fair industry, medicine education, music, art and others, will show the role that everyone can have in creating a more socially responsible attitude and lifestyle.

True to the name of the festival, for the first time there will be a floral competition during the festival. Attendees will enjoy aesthetic beauty that floral artists will create on the spot.

The venue, "Apaga" resort, is one of the best places for ecotourism and everything "green" in Armenia. With a breathtaking view on surrounding mountains, nearby hiking and extreme sports facilities, this place will remind you of a paradise. Participating in this festival, you will not only learn about the ways to sustain the environment, but will have a wonderful traveling experience in one of the greatest touristic spots of Armenia.