Tea and Coffee Festival

Imagine drinking tea and coffee near the lake, during an autumnal weekend, surrounded by colorful trees and fresh air. On September 27, 2019, Yerevan will host the annual Festival of Tea and Coffee at Swan Lake.

27 Sep

​We often get the question: “Are you a coffee person or a tea person?” If you are one or the other, or, even better, you like both of these magical drinks, you should definitely come to Tea and Coffee Festival. Imagine drinking tea and coffee near the lake, during an autumnal weekend, surrounded by colorful trees and fresh air.

Tea and Coffee Festival will feature various activities. The main event of the festival is an open-air exhibition-fair of tea, coffee and related products. Many varieties of tea and coffee will be presented on the pavilions of Swan Lake, including local herbal and mountain teas, as well as different culinary products. You will be able to buy any herb, coffee, or other products you like at wholesale prices.

You can also watch tea ceremonies of different nationalities of the world, from Vietnam, China, India, Korea, get acquainted with different ways of preparation and consumption of tea, in accordance with national traditions.

It is also interesting that there will be live music at the venue of the festival, near the Swan Lake, as well as various competitions that you can freely take part in.

On the 2nd day of the festival, on October 20, Barista Championship will be held in Armenia for the second time and  the international jury will be there to evaluate the participants and choose the winners . The Barista Championship is the most difficult and the most prestigious coffee competition. The participant should present himself/herself and the coffee mix and has to prepare three quarters of drinks in only 25 minutes. The participant should make 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos, 4 Eastern coffee "on sand" and 4 different author's drinks. 

The organizers of the festival have also prepared a big show program on the main stage where folk and pop groups, as well as DJs will perform.

Tea and Coffee festival is a great holiday aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle, organic products, traditions of hospitality and coffee-tea.

Within 2 days you can get acquainted with the best products of coffee and tea producers, bakery and confectionery products not only from Armenia, but also from other countries. The great thing is that if you like any product you can easily purchase it directly in the festival area.

You can take part in free educational and entertainment programs that will be organized at the Fair.

Within the framework of the festival the following activities will be organized:

  1. ​Master classes on tea ceremony from professionals
  2. Barista Championship
  3. Traditional guessing on the coffee grounds
  4. Jazz and Pop music concert on the big stage
  5. Presentation of prizes and choosing winners for various nominations.

The exhibition will be held in the territory of Swan Lake, at the heart of Yerevan. You may find the following producers and their products near the displays on the pavilions at the lake:

  1. ​ World brands of coffee and tea and cocoa
  2.  Local producers of tea and coffee, including herbal teas
  3.  Cafes and restaurants
  4.  Manufacturers of sweets and desserts
  5.  Barista and Barmen from any country
  6.  Producers of profile equipment
  7.  Specialty tea and coffee shops
  8.  Artists and musicians
  9.  Experts
The festival is organized by PromExpo and Azd Production.