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Celebrate The Vardavar Water Festival. Vardavar is a festival in Armenia where people drench each other with water. Although now a Christian tradition, Vardavar's history dates back to pagan times.

08 Jul

​Early in the morning, everybody – adults and children, friends or strangers – come out to the yard and spray each other with water. People pour buckets of water out of their windows, children play in the water fountains, and drivers shoot water guns through their windows at other cars; it is impossible not to take part!

The etymology of the word “Vardavar” stems from “vard” meaning “rose” in Armenian, but the explanations for the rose connection to this seemingly pagan festival are quite varied. According to the Armenian Church, to mimic Astghik’s (goddess of water, beauty, love and fertility) bathing, people would sprinkle each other with rose water and hold a special festival of roses.