Yell Extreme Magic Birthday

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Do you love nature, extreme and fun all at the same time? If yes, come to Yell Extreme Park to celebrate the Park’s 3rd anniversary on July 21 and 22.

21 Jul
146 km

​To the adventure lovers. The most exciting event is coming on July 21-22. On the occasion of the 3rd birthday of Yell Extreme Park in Yenokavan, Tavush region, the open-air extreme park is organizing a two-day big event, called “Yell Extreme Magic Birthday”.

During the two days, visitors can participate in all the fun activities that Yell Extreme Park offers: paragliding, zip-lining, hot air ballooning, rope climbing, rock climbing, biking and more. Besides all the extreme, thrilling concerts will make you relax to the fullest.

Colorful tents aligned on the playground will be there for a sleepover and the two-day incessant fun.

Famous DJs, rock bands, and pop artists will make the birthday an even more unforgettable experience. Dancing and singing along with the best beats and coolest songs will take out all your emotions and make you relax.

Apart from all the fun, you can also take part in sports competitions, play funny board games, and roll over the ground in a zorbing ball. The “Yell Extreme Magic Birthday” is so much fun that participants will also play soccer with a huge zorbing ball. Here, you will think and act out of the box. This is the ultimate time to enjoy the mountainous clean air and just be your craziest self.

Need more reasons to come to Yell Extreme Park? You will have plenty! The park is located in Yenokavan, that opens up to a breathtaking green panorama. It offers purest air and mild climate. The extreme park facilities, ziplines, rope parks and more, are located all along the way to Lastiver, one of the most beautiful natural spots of Armenia. The latter seems to be a piece of fairytale, with a wooden hut, small waterfall and green surroundings.

The birthday will of course end with a delicious cake tasting. Do not miss this festival, because it will surely be the most cheerful and adventurous birthday party you have ever visited.