Genuine Armenian Hospitality

Hospitality is one of the brightest features of the culture of Armenian people. Guest is always offered the best of what there is in the house.

When choosing a new country for travel, it is advisable, at least in general terms, to familiarize yourself with what a country offers. Tourism advertising usually represents a country with wonderful nature and climate, interesting monuments of the country and, of course, people - kind, smiling and hospitable. Armenia is no exception, with one caveat - here you will understand what hospitality is to the greatest degree.

Hospitality in Armenia is not limited to politeness and etiquette. In the Armenian culture and moral values, hospitality has one of the most important roles. Armenians believe that the guest is sent from God and the better to receive him at home, the more happiness and prosperity will return to the owner of the house.

At any point in Armenia and regardless of the situation, people are ready to offer assistance to someone they meet even without demand. If you suddenly get lost, then with great joy they will prompt you the way, and maybe even escort you to your destination. If you talk with someone from the locals, then do not be surprised if he invites you to his home or offers to conduct a tour for you. Do not look for any selfish goals in this, just the Armenians consider it their duty to help the guest as much as possible. In the capital of Armenia, due to the employment of people and a more stressful schedule, you may not feel the whole palette of hospitality. However, outside Yerevan you will be pleasantly surprised by the endless hospitality of the Armenians.
It is impossible to imagine a situation for a foreigner in Armenia for any reason to be left without food and overnight. Be sure that in Armenia there are many who want to invite you to their place, set a generous table and offer you the best place in the house for the night.

You can find many stories on the web, where tourists talk about their adventures in the country. For example, one of the tourists admired nature of Dilijan so much that he forgot about the schedule of transport, which at this late hour was no longer working. However, there were "saviors": an elderly woman, realizing that the man was in a difficult situation, provided him with shelter and a table. In the morning, when a tourist offered money for housing, a woman flatly refused them.

The desire of the Armenians to help someone they meet is well demonstrated by the difficult road situations that may arise on the mountainous and narrow roads of Armenia. It would sound scary if your car got stuck on the road above the gorge and you cannot deal with the problem alone - but not in Armenia. Regardless of the time of day, weather conditions and remoteness from residential areas, people who want to help you in a literal sense of the word will come to your aid in a "magical" way.

And such cases are endless: the Armenians are always happy to help their neighbor, and, as a rule, free of charge. Having visited Armenia, you will see for yourself. We are always happy to welcome you to our land and to share our warmth. You can knock on any door, and you will be accepted as the most coveted and long-awaited guest. You will be treated to home-cooked Armenian food, introduced to Armenian traditions and told about the history and culture of the people, which, despite all the suffering in the past, stand firmly on their feet and become even more hospitable and benevolent!