Golden Apricot International Film Festival Comes to the Stage for the 15th Time

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Film lovers should be extremely happy to find themselves in Armenia from July 8 to 15, because the annual Golden Apricot International Film Festival is again a reality.

08 Jul

​July 8-15 is a genuine festivity for film lovers because, as every year, this year too Golden Apricot International Film Festival (GAIFF) has conquered the stage with its delicate movies, either documentary or features. This year is special for GAIFF because the festival celebrates its 15th anniversary. 

Golden Apricot marks diversity as one of its main headlines. That is why every year GAIFF screens films and highlights filmmakers from different countries and of different nationalities and religions. The aim of promoting diversity is to underline the cultural and united richness of the humanity.

It is also remarkable to elaborate on the name of the festival, “Golden Apricot”. It is internationally acknowledged that apricot is the symbol of Armenia. In Latin, the equivalent for apricot is “prunus аrmeniaсa”, that is translated as the “Armenian plum”. The color of apricot is also depicted on the Armenian tricolor flag. 

The honorary guests of the 15th Golden Apricot International Film Festival are Darren Aronofsky (USA), the distinguished director of blockbuster and award-winning movies as “Black Swan”, “Requiem for a Dream”, “Mother”, “Jackie”, “Noah” and others, together with Gianfranco Rosi (Italy), famous for his “Below Sea Level”, “El Sicario, Room 164”, and “Sacro Gra” movies.

Among the special guests, this year GAIFF welcomed various eminent film-makers and directors, winners of international film festival awards, including but not limited to Asghar Farhadi (Iran), Beki Probst (Germany), Boris Khlebnikov (Russia), Valerie Massadian (France), Larry Smith (UK), Ziao Liang (China) and many more. Some of these guests are also named as juries of the festival who would further confer the award “Golden Apricot” and “Silver Apricot” for the two categories presented: features and documentary.

It is also useful to note that the films are usually screened in their original language (Portuguese, Russian, English, Arabic, Armenian, etc.), but all of them run simultaneous English subtitles. In addition, entrance to some of the films is free of charge, and some require tickets that can be bought at the cashbox at the place of the screenings. 

To get to know the list of movies with further details (tickets, venue, language, etc.) click here, and select the date on which you are searching movies. 

Do not forget that the festival is running until the 15th of July, so hurry up to make sure you do not miss the films that interests you most.