Goris is an old town of 25,000 people characterized by the regionally representative architecture of the houses and its long tree-lined avenues.

254 km

​Goris s a town in the southern Syunik Province of Armenia. Located in the valley of river Goris, it is 254 km away from the Armenian capital Yerevan and 67 km from the provincial center Kapan. Goris is an urban community and the second largest city in Syunik. In the 2011 census its population was 20,591, down from 23,261 reported at the 2001 census. However, as per the 2016 official estimate, the population of Goris is 20,300. 

Throughout its history, Goris has been known as Kores and Gorayk. However, there are several explanations for the origin of the name. It is supposed that the name Goris is derived from the Indo-European prelanguage words "gor" (rock), "es" (to be).

Goris/Kores, meaning a rocky place, has been settled in since the Stone Age. Goris was first mentioned in history during the Urartian period. 

King Rusa I of Urartu, who reigned between 735 and 713 BC, left a cuneiform where he mentioned that Goristsa country was among the 23 countries conquered by him. Scientists suppose that it is the same Goris city.