Ancient Astronomical Sites

Ancient Armenia

Armenia is one of the cradles of ancient science and astronomical knowledge. There is much to see and learn about the development of astronomy in Armenia and how it impacted scientific knowledge throughout the world today.

One of the Cradles of Ancient Science

Contrary to its small territory and relatively small population, Armenia was always active and advanced in astronomy. There is evidence of ancient astronomical observatories in Armenia from a few thousand years ago. Among the astronomical activities that have left their traces in the territory of Armenia are: the rock art, ruins of ancient observatories, the ancient Armenian calendar, astronomical terms and names used in Armenian language since II-I millennia B.C., sky maps from Middle Ages, and most important, one of the largest modern observatories in the region, the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO) with its 2.6m and 1m Schmidt telescopes.​