Armenian holidays, festivals, and events 2022

Armenian holidays, festivals, and events are so much fun that nobody ever would like to miss them. Whatever your interests are, from food to extreme sports, Armenia has a befitting festival or event.

Festivals in Armenia truly portray the rich Culture and Heritage of the country. Anything from food and drink, performing arts, visual arts, customs, traditions and more are celebrated during these one or several day long events.

What’s so great about Armenia, is that the old traditions which are passed from one generation to the next meet the new and modern lifestyle in such a smooth and elegant way during these fun festivals… something that keeps on fascinating tourists. Wherever your interests lie, these festivals have got you covered!

From celebrations dedicated to tolma, gata, barbeque or other famous Armenian mouthwatering specialties, to an eco-tourism festival, extreme sports and more… And of course during these events you’ll be experiencing the famous Armenian hospitality firsthand, which is always a huge plus! These festivals prove that besides spectacular nature, unique architecture, religious sites, and amazingly pleasant weather, Armenia can also be a super enjoyable destination and plenty of fun!

And this year also, Armenia has planned for you many exciting festivals in the coming weeks and months. So while you’re planning your visit to Armenia this year, here’s a list of some super interesting events that you should consider by all means. So grab a pen or mark on your phone calendar your pick from an array of different events. It’s almost guaranteed that if you attend one of these, you’ll want to repeat your visit every year!

Learn more about all the festivals here.