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Armenian holidays, festivals, and events are so much fun that nobody ever would like to miss them. Whatever your interests are, from food to extreme sports, Armenia has a befitting festival or event.

​Armenian holidays, festivals, and events

Armenian culture is so rich that it is expressed in almost any aspect: food and drink, dancing and singing, fil​ms and art, customs and traditions. Armenia combines both new and old festivals in a way that many tourists are amazed and fascinated. These celebrations show the cultural richness that Armenia has inherited and has kept up to this day.

The festivals range from promoting local food, wine drinking, and films to air balloons and sheep shearing, to name a few. These festivals are a perfect chance for you to experience famous Armenian hospitality as well.

Plenty of events are an inseparable part of everyday Armenian life. These events vary from concerts to art exhibitions. You can find anything that will conform to your interests and hobbies. Yes, tourists visit Armenia mainly for the spectacular nature, unique architecture, religious sites, and favorable weather. But festivals and events that are celebrated with so much fun will show you the true Armenian culture and l'art de vivre that Armenians live by.

​All it takes for you is to go to the Calendar section of our website, explore the upcoming festivals and events, and plan your journey accordingly. It would be a pity to miss any festival once you are here.
We are sure that you will have the greatest time in Armenia. Because festivals and events will make your time here an unforgettable experience. You will not find anything like Armenian festivals anywhere around the world. Hurry up, because you are an awaited guest around here.