Holy Mother of God Church

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The “Mother of God” church is the Vatican of Armenia, also known as Etchmiadzin.

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The “Mother of God” church is the Vatican of Armenia. It is known as the Holy Mother See, or Mother Church, since the church was foreseen by “Gregory the Illuminator” who in 301 A.D. converted the Armenian King to Christianity, thereby becoming the world’s first Christian State. The destination hosts two large museums. Inside the church itself there are remnants of Noah’s Ark as well as a separate “ethnographic” museum which hosts treasures, art, and religious relics that have important significance for Christians all over the world. 

Etchmiadzin was also a former Armenian capital. This church is the spiritual homeland for the Armenian people, and it has formal control over all Armenian Apostolic Churches throughout the world. In this respect it plays a fundamental role in the preservation of the Armenian identity.