Honey and Berry Festival

Festivals and Events

On August 11-12, the city of Berd, Tavush region will host Honey and Berry Festival. Can you think of a sweeter festival?

​Have you tried honey in Armenia? Do you know that honey made by local Armenian beekeepers tastes absolutely yummy? On August 11-12, you will have a perfect chance to participate in a festival specially dedicated to honey and of course taste it! 

Honey and Berry Festival is held every year. Its aim is to contribute to the promotion and appreciation of beekeeping, agriculture, arts and crafts. Participants of the festivals will have a chance to taste and buy honey and agricultural produce made by locals, attend exhibitions and open-air fair of handmade crafts and souvenirs.
It is curious to note that honey and berry will be available for tasting in all forms and types. So, you can try a whole variety and decide which one you love most. 

The festival will start with an amazing jazz concert, and will proceed with other pieces of music performed by local emerging artists. In addition, the venue for Honey and Berry Festival is tailor-made for children too. There will be trampolines and other engaging games to keep your children busy while you will try sweets or buy handmade items. 

Coming to this festival you will not only get your perfect dose of sweets, that is honey and berry, but will also contribute yourself to the development of locally produced goods. 

So, mark your calendars, and come to Tavush region on August 11-12!