Huso Aragast

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Summertime and Music festivals are on the favorite list of Summer goals; the almighty vibrations of music, happy faces of people, cheerful mood, new experience and emotions.

20 Jul
65 km

​Armenia will host "Huso Aragast" international song festival dedicated to discovering new artists in the music industry. Armenian and international singers will perform during July 20-22, marked as the official dates of Huso Aragast International Song Festival.

To all the music lovers, it's time to pack your things and travel to Armenia. The yearly "Huso Aragast" festival, translated as “Sail of Hope”, will be held at Sevan Lake for the 4th time in a row. This international song festival will feature greatest songs of all times together with the ones that were composed recently. Your playlist is going to be updated and you won't miss the chance to enjoy and sing along the greatest hits on the shores of Sevan. This is going to be an incredible experience.

The festival will highlight Armenian and international performers from Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine. During the festival more than thirty trumpets will rock the stage accompanied by the performances of new and emerging singers.

The official ceremony will be closed with the iconic Armenian song “Huso Aragast” making reference to the name of the festival. After the official part is over, the participants of the festival will celebrate the farewell around an evening campfire near Sevan Lake.

All you have to do now is getting ready for Sevan and "Huso Aragast" International song festival. Happy Summering!

The festival is initiated by Civic Art Cultural NGO.