Paragliding in Armenia

See & Do

Armenia has over 300 days of sun, which is an amazing advantage for paragliding. Feel the wind as you take off on a cross-country flight around Armenia!

​Over 300 Days of Sun

Paragliding as a sport is rapidly developing in Armenia, with a number of groups offering classes, guided tours, tandem flights and advice to amateur and professional paragliders. To get to the take-off sites, paragliding tours usually offer a 4x4 drive, which is an extreme experience on its own, battling dirt roads and steep hills. If you are ready to convert to high-mountain diving or paragliding, Armenia is the perfect place to be baptized.

​Destinations to Explore

Take-off is usually done from six locations, all within an hour and a half drive of Yerevan.  

  • Mt. Gutan and Mt. Hatis are both around 30km from Yerevan, and are some of the most active spots among locals. Flights are long and enjoyable. 
  • Mt. Teghenis, known for its ski resort in the winter, is active all year round – some paragliders have begun incorporating skiing with their flights, and can be seen paraskiing down the slopes of Tsakhkadzor! 
  • Just above Lake Sevan is a common flight spot in the summer months for those seeking the thrills of dynamic soaring; flying close to the mountain range and crossing the boundary between different air masses to gain speed and height
  • ​There are 3 take off locations in Vedi, they are Shaghap, Lanjanist, and Ulgyur. There are no asphalt roads available, hence to reach the take off areas a 4WD vehicle is necessary.  Precipitation is  relatively scarce in this region and sunny weather is usually what you will find.  There are unlimited fields for landing, and no surprise changes of weather.  The long stretch of mountain range allows great distance flying, with good conditions, relatively high thermals and long lasting thermal cycles.  These locations are for the more experienced paraglider, as the air is turbulent during hot, thermal seasons, the landing zones taken separately may have limited dimensions, and the landscape is rocky with steep cliffs. 
  • Aparan offers a very large, clean and smooth take off location, good for top landings and XC flights.  The mountain range has a long ridge, so it’s also very good for dynamic soaring. Take off can be reached by foot or by 4WD vehicles, as there are no asphalt roads leading to the take off location.  Usually no “surprise” changes, oriented for Southern winds, and the cloudbase sometimes reaches 5000m.