Located in Tavush, the Lastiver district is a paradise on earth! It’s a place where you can escape from the hot heat and the city noise, a place where no one will be able to disturb your leisure.

Geography of the Area

Tavush province is rich in rivers, the largest of which is the Aghstev River. One of the tributaries of this river, Khachahpyur, leads to the beautiful corners of Ijevan, to the area of Lastiver. Lastiver is within a few hours' drive from Yerevan and is one of the most favorite places for active leisure, both among the citizens of the country and the tourists. Almost every travel agency has tour packages for Lastiver, yet if you’re traveling with the whole family, you can always rent a car and organize the trip yourself.

Picturesque Road Leading to Great Adventures

If you’re a fan of extreme new sensations and adrenaline, then the road to Lastiver is made just for you. The footpath to the Lastiver starts from the village of Enokavan, which also houses the famous zip-line, which functions both in summer and in winter. From the village of Enokavan begins a footpath to Lastiver. Just imagine the extraordinary beauty of the gorge, the green forests, and also, in places, rocky hills. On the way to Lastiver you will constantly stop to admire the eagles you’ll spot in the middle of their flight, soaring above the abyss and aspiring to the sky. The road will take around an hour or an hour and a half, depending on your pace. During your journey you’ll pass through the thickets of the forests, in some places opening up a beautiful view of the endless gorges.

Wooden Houses out of European Fairy Tales

While the road to Lastiver is gorgeous on its own, the beauty of Lastiver itself is hard to put into words. After a grueling walk you will have the opportunity to relax and unwind in a place specifically designed and equipped for it. Here you will find wooden gazebos and lodges where you can spend the night at an additional cost. The houses are quite comfortable and will make you feel as if you’re in one of your favorite fairy tales. On the territory of Lastiver there is also a bar and usually a large bonfire, around which people gather in the evening, play the guitar and sing their favorite songs in the company of one another. Locals are always happy to see people visiting and will greet you there with great hospitality.

Away from the wooden structures you will have a beautiful view of the waterfall. The water in the river is crystal clear - you can even drink it. But, keep in mind that it is very cold, so you can not stay barefoot in it for long. However, this doesn’t stop some daredevils who dive headfirst into the freezing cold spring water, an excellent way to boost their immune system.

Caves and Centuries of History

If you decide to go Lastiver, you definitely need to visit the cave famously known by its name Anapat (Desert), which has an interesting and ancient history. It’s said that during the Mongol invasions in the XIII-XIV centuries, the locals found shelter in this very cave.

On the walls of the cave there is an interesting semi bas-relief, where you can see a portrayal of a wedding. During his solitude in the cave, the author of the carving portrayed a wedding celebration in Cana of Galilee and it’s preserved in an excellent for even to this day.

The cave itself is located on the almost flat slope of the canyon, at the bottom of which you’ll find a beautiful waterfall. The road to it runs through a long ladder of logs put on top of one another. The construction was carried out by the local residents. The very word "Lastiver" translates from Armenian as "up the dam”.

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