Elton John visits Armenia


On May 26, world-famous singer Elton John arrived in Armenia, although not for a concert, but for a humanitarian cause.

Elton John visits Armenia.​

Although a lot of people would love to hear Sir Elton John perform on the stage, Armenia was proud and thankful to host the renowned singer. His visit to Armenia was as part of a charity mission of Starkey Hearing Foundation. The Foundation will donate more than 2000 hearing aids to Armenia.

On May 27, Elton John visited Hayk and Elza Titizian Children’s Rehabilitation Center. He chatted with children of the center and helped them put on the donated hearing devices. The singer then wrote on his Instagram account: “It is impossible to describe the sheer joy you feel watching someone hear properly for the very first time.”

Elton John expressed his hopes to do work in the fields of AIDS and HIV in Armenia. He is sure that this visit will provide grounds for future collaborations and help.

During and after his visit Elton John mentioned how satisfied he is with his visit to Armenia. He said he is happy to be part of the big “tsunami” of changes that is going on in Armenia, referring to the Velvet Revolution that took place in the country some 20 days ago.

He told reporters and many Armenian officials that he absolutely loved the country. This is how Sir Elton John described Armenia. “I think the wind of change is here and I think it’s very, very positive, and I’m very happy to be here and feel the vibrancy of this country. It feels new, there is an energy here. I go to a lot of places, a lot of countries: this feels like a new country, it has a lot of hope and promise”.

So, when is your turn to visit Armenia and describe this country with your own words?