UN Secretary General, António Guterres, on Armenia

Armenia in the Media

While answering questions during a live stream, United Nations' Secretary-General António Guterres, talkes about Armenia as a model of a peaceful revolution.

​Earlier this week, during a Facebook Live interview, António Guterres brought up Armenia as a "fantastic example" of a peaceful transition in power. United Nations' Secretary-General mentioned how extremly important the ideas of freedom, human rights and democracy are to the society and how successfully Armenia managed to preserve these aspects. He later goes on to mention how the youth played an integral part in this process and how much hope he has in the younger generation.

Later during the 73rd UN General Assembly, António Guterres talked about the challenges that different countries in the world face, yet he later on transitioned to talk about the "winds of hope blowing around the world." The Secretary-General once again brought up Armenia as a great example of a peaceful transition in power and democratic ideals. 

"Armenia’s young people were at the heart of that country’s peaceful political transition earlier this year – showing the potential of youth to use their voice to advance democracy,” said António Guterres ​while delivering the opening remarks at the beginning of the assembly.