Mountain Climbing

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Armenian landscapes are perfectly created for adventure tourism. Those who are interested in mountain climbing will find many diverse opportunities to hike and climb the beautiful landscapes.

The Land of Mountains and Rocks

If you enjoy hiking, Armenia is the place for you! Armenian landscapes are perfectly created for adventure tourism, and if you are into extreme adventure, mountain climbing is an option for you here.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing”, a famous Canadian author wrote. If you’re one of those courageous “self-challengers” by nature, indulge yourself with an incredible mountain-climbing experience in Armenia. ”The land of mountains and rocks," is how Armenia is often dubbed by the locals and foreigners. It offers a myriad of options for both professional mountain climbers and those with more modest physical abilities.

Want to Reach the Highest Point of Armenia? 

Then grab your hiking/climbing arsenal and head towards the 4-peaked Mount Aragats, included in the list of World Country High Points. The highest, North Summit, is 4,090 meters high! But the stunning bird’s eye-view opening from above is well worth the effort, indeed.