Mulberry Festival

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Get ready for Mulberry festival that features pavilions of traditional Armenian cuisine, vodka, and souvenirs!

07 Jul
204 km

​Mulberry festival will take place on July 7 at Karahunj observatory, Syunik region which is considered to be the heart of the first civilizations.  During the festival pavilions of national cuisine and traditions will be on display.

One of the main highlights of the festival is the famous mulberry vodka. It is produced by local individuals as well as spirits producing companies at specialized distilleries. Remarkably, Armenian mulberry vodka is famous not only in Armenia, but also abroad. The festival will show the vodka-making process, and when the vodka is ready,  participants will be able to taste it.

The festival starts with mulberry gathering, followed by people tasting traditional dishes, singing Armenian songs and dancing traditional dances. There is also a marketplace for buying any item on display: Armenian food and drinks, handmade crafts, homemade jams and many more. During the festival, every community introduces its products and rural goods: sibekh (type of spinach), ghavurma, buttermilk (tan), etc.

Attending the Mulberry Festival you will feel how bright and diverse Armenia is. This incredible festival is a great chance for you to get involved in the Armenian culture and traditions, participate in vodka-making process,  taste Armenian food and drinks, and connect with the Armenian people. Lots of international tourists cross the country to participate in this unique festival and take the experience back home. 

It will also be a perfect chance for you to visit the world-famous observatory, the Armenian Stonehenge. Karahunj (translated as Speaking Stones) is actually around 3,500 years older than its British counterpart, Stonehenge.

The festival is supported by the Goris community hall, the Areni Festival Foundation, Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of the Republic of Armenia, and State Committee of Tourism.