Stephan Zoryan House-Museum


Stepan Zoryan was a Soviet Armenian writer and one of the three founders of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

​Stepan Zorian was one of the three founders of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation in 1890. The museum is one of the best kept of the House Museums in Armenia. It was listed among cultural establishments since 1981, but the official opening took place on September 15, 1990, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the writer’s birth. 

Zoryan had lived in the house in the summer and fall seasons from 1964 - 1967, enjoying the fresh breezes and peaceful ambience of this enchanting setting. Following his demise in 1967, Zoryan’s architect sons renovated the home, adding one more floor. 

​The first floor depicts old Kharakilisa (Invading Turks burned the city and the name emerged, `Black Church'). The name subsequently changed to Kirovakan under the Soviets and since Independence it has been renamed Vanadzor. The writer’s study is also located on the ground floor which opens to a pleasant view of the courtyard. A small bedroom that he used is also on display