Dilijan National Park

Natural Wonders

​Surrounding the city of Dilijan, stretching between Pambak, Aregouni, Miapor, Ijevan and Halab with altitudes ranging between 1,070 and 2,900 meters, most of the territory lays across the Aregouni Mountain Range.

Dilijan National Park​

The forests, of natural origin, suffered economic exploitation during the Soviet period, so the Armenian SSR established a National Park in 1958 in order to preserve this arborous wonder.

Occupying 240 square kilometers, nearly a tenth of the territory of Tavush, natural and cultural landmarks abound! Set up camp or go for a barbecue at one of the predesignated spots and you might catch sightings of bears, deer, foxes, lynxes and all other sorts of mammals; but beware of the poisonous snakes! Sleeping in your tent at night will enchain a myriad of emotions, from bewonderment of the stars at night to fear of the footsteps and echoes of the unknown darkness beyond the torch light – but don’t worry, the animals are just curious from a distance!

​Much of the interest in the park arises due to the historic wealth of the park coupled with its biodiversity, and it has been a popular place of inspiration for artists looking for inspiration throughout the centuries. A stroll in any direction will eventually lead to a monastery, such as the Jukhtakvank or Matosavank monasteries, or the incredibly well restored Haghartsin Monastery; and along the way are hikes laden with wild flowers and old-growth trees. Hidden in the shade, on trails of all difficulties, are the Parz and Gosh lakes, the Frolova-Balka Gorge, the Anagyun Caves, Akhnabat Yew Park and countless others.