Mount Ararat

Natural Wonders

The Biblical mountain Ararat is the sacred national pride and national symbol of Armenia.

The Biblical Mountain

Mount Ararat is where Noah’s Ark landed after the Great Flood, marking the beginning of the new life. Although it is not in Armenia’s current territory today, Mount Ararat is considered to be the national symbol of Armenia and also appears in Armenia’s national blazon.

Mount Ararat is a dormant volcano: the last time it erupted was 178 years ago. Ararat has two peaks, which Armenians call Mets Masis (The big Masis), and Pokr Masis (The Small Masis). There is around 11 km distance between the two.

Mount Ararat is seen from many corners in Armenia, the most epic ones being from Yerevan Cascade and the other one from the monastery Khor Virap.