Take yourself back thousands of years and witness the stone engravings from ancient cultures inside the caves and on the rocks of mountains. This is where ancient civilizations started...

The Ancient Inhabitants of the Highlands

Petroglyphs are rock inscriptions and drawings found in Armenia. To date, there is an assumption that in the ancient centers of the origin of astronomical knowledge were the territory of Armenia and Asia Minor.

According to the English astronomer, the people who invented the ancient figures of the constellations lived, presumably, in the vicinity of Mount Ararat, also in the valley of the Euphrates River. The alleged justification for the findings of petroglyphs in Armenia, when in 1966 about 30,000 petroglyphs were discovered first on the Geghama Upland, then on the Vardenis Range and on the slopes of the Aragats mountains.

The petroglyphs of the Armenian Highlands with their volume, technique, a large number of characters and a variety of plots have no analogues in other countries. At the same time, some features of Armenian images suggest that they were used as a letter and had spiritual and ritual significance.

Petroglyphic culture in Ancient Armenia arose and developed inextricably linked with the cultural ancient world. Maps of the constellations, calendars and "open-air art galleries" were created by very educated people of that time - teachers and stone carving masters. Petroglyphs found in Armenia, depicted hunting scenes, space phenomena, astronomical concepts, constellations, mythical heroes, animals. There are petroglyphs depicting fantastic animals and people, such as the cult of the Moon, the Sun, the Snake, the Dragon, etc.

The art of cave paintings in Armenia is cloudy with rich imagination. As a result of the joint Armenian-German research program on ancient petroglyphs, a full-fledged database of Internet data has been created in Armenia, which is of unique value and will soon be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.