Hot Springs of Armenia

Armenia is home to thousands of thermal hot springs set in the middle of stunning and calming scenery. Hot springs are a great way to relax and enjoy nature and its natural healing elements.

Hot Springs

Armenia is full of resort cities and spas due to the existence of numerous thermal springs scattered all throughout the country. While not all hot springs in Armenia are suitable for swimming, there’s estimated to be over 700 thermal springs in Armenia. People from all over the world travel to Armenia to visit the hot springs for medical purposes as the heated water emerging from the underground is stated to have healing qualities. 

The average temperature of the hot springs is 55°C. The composition and curative properties of the waters are carbon, hydro-carbonate-sulfate-chloride, potassium-neutrino, a magnesium. If you’re planning to visit Armenia for medical purposes, you should definitely head to the Southern part of the country, famous for its thermal springs and mineral water. You’ll find numerous sanatoriums and resorts in that part of the country that provide many medical services, including a chance to take a dive in the natural thermal springs. 

Once you made it all the way to Armenia you can’t miss out on the chance to visit the famous resort city of Jermuk, located 2080m above sea level. This mountain spa town is famous all around the world for its health services and mineral water. Even the name of the country is derived from the word "geyser" (hot spring). The alpine climate along with the services provided in the sanatoriums makes this place a perfect getaway for people looking forward to recharge and heal both mentally and physically. Jermuk is considered to be the best medical tourism center in Armenia.

The best time to visit the springs is in the winter as the cool climate along with the hot springs make for an ideal combination, yet don’t be discouraged if you’re planning to visit during summer as many take advantage of the mineral-water treatments even during the summer.