Raspberry Festival

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On July 28, Armenia will host the cutest festival where raspberry collectors will present their fresh raspberries and other traditional dishes. If you are wondering what to do in Armenia, the Raspberry Festival is surely the answer.

28 Jul
276 km

​Ashotavan community will be the hub of raspberries on July 28, 2018. About 30 groups and individuals will get together in Ashotavan, Syunik region, and present their raspberries, as well as the famous Armenian gatah and other dishes.

The festival will be accompanied by national songs and dances, tasting of Armenian national gatah and other dishes, and of course the delicious raspberries of Syunik. Visitors can buy the 100% ecologically clean raspberries directly from villagers and enjoy the real taste of these tiny and delicious berries.

The festival marks the importance of rural communities in the development of eco-friendly products. The involvement and commitment of locals is the cornerstone of a sustainable value chain for eco products. And sustainable economies contribute to the country’s economic development as a whole.

If you are an “eco-person” and want to taste mouth-watering raspberries, contribute to the development of sustainable economies and make a difference in the world, come this festival and have a say for a better world.

This festival is also a sheer opportunity to get involved in the Armenian culture: national food, songs, dances, and connecting with the locals.