Republic Square

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One of the most beautiful squares in the world, Republic Square in Yerevan embodies the Armenian culture, the creative mind of Armenian architects, as well as the national richness of Armenia, as it is home to the most valuable museums and also the government houses.

​​Republic Square

Republic Square, commonly referred to as just “the Square” (Armenian spelling - Hraparak), is the main  and biggest square of the capital city Yerevan, having an area of 3.5 hectares. The idea of the Republic Square was conceptualized in 1924, as a paramount component of the capital’s maquette, designed by Yerevan’s chief architect Alexander Tamanian. The construction of the square lasted whole 32 years, from 1926 to 1958. Geometrically, the Square is a combination of a trapezoid and oval, with the latter being also vividly reflected on the beautiful mozaic at the center of the Square. 

The Republic Square is truly an embodiment of the Armenian culture and creative mind, it  incorporates national stones and national symbols. The buildings that make up the Square are made of Armenian felsite tufa stone: some of them are made of pink tufa (very typical to Yerevan’s architecture, also making the city famous as the “pink city”), and some - of a whitened one, including the building of the National Gallery and History Museum, as well as the building of the former Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. The pink part of the Square includes the Government House, Ministry of Finances, the Post Office, as well as buildings of privately owned businesses, such as Armenia Marriott Hotel.

Each building on this massive square stands out with graceful and exquisite engravings on the arcs and strong pillars of the Square. These engravings take forms of pomegranate (the well-known symbol of Armenia, designating fertility and good fortune), grapes (another symbol of Armenia, referring to Armenia’s ancient traditions of winemaking, as well as to the fact that Noah planted a grapevine as a beginning of a new life on earth, when he landed on the foot of Mount Ararat after the great flood), as well as other symbols such as wheat, horns of aries, and others.

Apart from the great architectural breakthrough, Yerevan’s Republic Square is famous for having the singing fountains as a main place of interest, amazing tourists every evening. These fountains are unique not only for Armenia but also for the whole world, as they combine classical and other tasteful pieces of music with meticulously programmed movements of the fountains. The fountain is meant to cool off the air in the territory of the Square, as well as to give aesthetic and artistic pleasure to its visitors.

Republic Square is one of the main destinations for art lovers, as it hosts the National Gallery of Armenia where many priceless paintings are on display either on permanent or temporary exhibitions. The Square attracts also the lovers of history and discovery, who should definitely visit the History Museum of Armenia, go and see the oldest shoe found on earth, oldest astronomical figures made of metal and many other important pieces. 

Recently, in the month of April and May 2018, Republic Square became astonishingly more famous in the world. The reason? Velvet Revolution, that took place in Armenia and astonished the whole world, as  it happened without a drop of blood shed. As almost the whole Armenian nation participated in the protests, the Republic Square, as the biggest square in Yerevan, became home to the revolution. 

In addition to the above mentioned features of the Republic Square, it also stands out by hosting open-air concerts for major special events, public holiday celebrations - such as that of Independence Day anniversary, or military parades, and many more. The most famous concert that has taken place on the Republic Square is System of a Down’s concert named “Wake up the Souls”. the concert was free to attend, and filled the whole square with rock enthusiasts and music lovers, regardless of the heavy rain. 

The Republic Square is definitely the place to visit once you are in Yerevan. It is where you will feel amazed at the architecture, and the heart and soul of Yerevan. Visit Armenia, walk all around Yerevan, and definitely come to the Republic Square.