Arts and Crafts

In the days of globalization, it is quite exciting to hear about local cultures and traditions. What if we say you can experience the varieties of genuine Armenian culture all in one place?

​Arts and Crafts

Now that the world seems to have become a part of the same culture, it is thrilling to think that in some corners of the world there are well-preserved and unique cultural traditions. “Cultural Revival” Arts and Crafts Festival gives you the opportunity to experience the diversity of Armenian culture. Even though it might be difficult to imagine, but every region in this small country has its own culture and traditions.

On September 9, you will be able to see several unique variations of Armenian culture in one place, in Dilijan, Tavush region. The purpose of the festival is to promote the revival of region-specific arts and crafts, and thus promote diversity.

During the festival, you will see several exclusive pieces of carpet weaving, specimens of Armenian decorative art, such as pottery, blacksmithing, woodworking, and more. The “Cultural Revival” festival will also feature song and dance performances, given that music plays a pivotal role in the Armenian culture. Different musical instruments that are typical to specific regions of Armenia will also be on display and fill the air with their unique sounds.

It is interesting that during the festival, not only local but also repatriated Armenians will showcase their cultural “face” in various forms of arts and crafts. And the “Cultural Revival” festival will be an amazing platform for the visitors to get to know the Armenian culture not only in different regions of Armenia but also beyond the boundaries of Armenia.

The venue of the festival is quite auspicious too. Dilijan is one of the best places in Armenia if you wish to truly relax, as it is surrounded by massive forests, the air is pure, and the climate is nothing but perfect.

This is not all, so brace yourself! We have another thing coming! During this awesome festival, you will also taste some very tasty dishes of Armenian cuisine

This festival is not only a perfect occasion for you to learn about and see the great variety of Armenian culture, but also travel to Dilijan and taste the Armenian gastronomy. Have you already prepared your backpack?