Autumn in Armenia

See & Do

From colorful dense forests to fun and loud festivals, autumn in Armenia is the time of the year to go all out.

​Seasonal Transitions

Once the hot summer in Armenia comes to an end, the extreme heat is replaced with a gentle weather of the fall. In the beginning of the autumn, the weather is not too hot and not too cold, averaging between +23-27 C. Rains are not uncommon, yet still remain a rare event. Far enough from summer to have lost the unforgiving heat and far enough from winter and the biting cold, autumn is the time of the year when people in Armenia, both locals and tourists, are the most active.

The greenery decorating the streets of Armenia transitions in color to red, yellow and orange. Slowly the country changes into a colorful paradise. As the leaves start to fall in preparation for winter, the sunlight caresses the carpets of red and gold. Each step you take is followed by the soothing crunch of the fallen leaves.

Rich Harvest

The abundance of nutritious fruits and vegetables fills the Armenian markets and shops with their vibrant colors and aromas. People hurry to taste the freshly picked harvest to truly embrace the taste of fall. Yet, there can be no autumn in Armenia without grapes and wine. This season allows the vineyards of Armenia to take over the stage and present the rich history and tradition of winemaking in the country.

Red and white, dry and sweet, Armenia has a huge selections of wines to offer. The tradition of winemaking, that has its roots in this very country, has undergone a huge growth and development throughout thousands of years. Armenian winemakers have perfected the formula that goes behind the preparation process of the most iconic and delicious spirit.

Holidays and Festivals

Due to the perfect weather and beautiful landscapes, the number of festivals in Armenia grows each autumn. People from all over the world gather in this small, yet beautiful country in order to experience its culture and art, and this season has a lot of opportunities to offer for it. Since the very beginning of September, both tourists and locals gather together for various festivals, events and public holidays.

During autumn Armenia celebrates one of the most important national holidays: the Independence day. Throughout the day the country is engaged in a huge variety of different celebrations: concerts, dances, parades and so on. Even the birthday of the beloved capital of Armenia, Yerevan, is celebrated in fall. The Erebuni Yerevan is a celebration you can’t possibly miss. 

As you walk through the city you’ll be dragged from one event to another, filling you with food, drinks and laughter. At the end of the day you’ll be greeted by an endless row of fireworks as there’s no better way to celebrate the birthday of one of the oldest cities in the world. Not missing out on the seasonal aspect, one of the biggest Armenian wine festivals also takes place right in this season. From art to food to drinks, everyone will be able to find something that they’re interested in.

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Places to Visit

If festivals and celebrations are not for you, or you simply want something more, the diversity of landscapes and historical sites in the country will surely catch your eye. Everyone who has ever been in Armenia during fall knows that there are several places you can’t possibly skip visiting during this season. One of these places is the national park of Dilijan. This unique site of the Armenian nature captures the richness of the original biodiversity of the land.

If you decide to hike in this area you’ll find yourself mesmerized by all the different shades of reds and yellows that the nature has to offer. The trail is accessible for a large demographic of people, making it a worthwhile experience for anyone who wishes to try. Not surprisingly, it’s not the only place in Dilijan that shines its brightest during autumn. The beauty of Lake Parz is unmatched for. Once you visit the place, you won’t be willing to leave. The reflection of trees on the surface of the lake stay forever engraved in your mind as you slowly sail in your boat, taking in the fresh air and relaxing your mind and body completely.

Other places that you should definitely note down include, but are not limited to Tsaghkadzor, Ijevan (more specifically Lastiver), Jermuk and the Syunik region.