Summer in Armenia

See & Do

Looking for a perfect summer getaway to quench your thirst for adventure? Head to Armenia!

Your Perfect Summer Destination

Each season in Armenia has its own unique color and flavor and summer is no exception. Summer days are long, hot, yet light in Armenia due to the exquisite topography of the country. The weather in mornings and evenings is perfect for exploration and adventurous activities, while the hot afternoons are perfect for leisure around the pool. So grab your hiking shoes, a camera and some sunscreen as summer Armenia offers the perfect balance between active and relaxing holidays.

Exciting Festivals and Holidays

Armenia is full of exciting festivals and holidays all year around, yet summer has a special kick to it. The weather is just perfect for outdoor gatherings and all around fun. No matter during which month you decide visit Armenia, you’ll find fascinating festivals scattered left and right throughout the country. The subject variety of these festivals is just astonishing: food, wine, ecotourism, sheep shearing and so on. One day you’ll be tasting a great assortment of cheeses and over 32 different types of local wine in the middle of Yerevan and on the next day you’ll find yourself participating in the amateur mountain climbing competition in Vayots Dzor, all as part of the summer festivals.

Festivals aside, Armenia becomes the center of all things fun during summer due to celebrations of ancient and more recent holidays. The sound of fireworks, laughter and music fill the streets all around Armenia as people start celebrating. The holidays carry great cultural significance and are unique in their nature. One of the most anticipated holidays of the summer is Vardavar, when people get to run around the streets splashing each other with water as a celebration of ancient Armenian pagan goddess Astghik.

Perfect Cuisine for the Season

Armenian cuisine is famous for always deliciously incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables. Considering that fresh products play a significant role in authentic Armenian dishes, the summer cuisine has a lot to offer. You might find yourself gaining few kilograms upon leaving Armenia, but don’t worry, the food is extremely healthy.​

Don’t miss out on the chance to visit markets in Armenia and witness the rainbows of the various freshly plucked berries, vegetables and fruits. It’s no wonder that there’s a festival in Armenia dedicated solely to watermelons during summer, yet the fruit that takes the spotlight during this season is none other than the apricot. You can’t leave Armenia without tasting Armenian apricots as the fruit not only has a great cultural and historical significance, but also tastes great.

Extreme Tourism in Armenia

If simply relaxing isn’t enough for you and you’re looking forward to one of a kind experiences, you’ll be excited to find out that Armenia has a lot to offer in the category of extreme tourism. Many people travel to Armenia solely to enjoy paragliding, hot air ballooning, mountain climbing, zip-lining and so on. The thrilling activities are countless in the mountainous Armenia. Not only does Armenia have the longest zip-line in the world, but also the only zip-line in the world that passes under a bridge.

One with the Armenian Nature

The weather in Armenia varies from region to region. In some places the weather is cooler while in others it’s hotter. The countryside of Armenia is famous for its full forests and light summer weather. People looking to escape from the blazing sun should mark cities like Dilijan, Ijevan and Jermuk on their maps. Here you’ll finally be able to completely relax and unwind. The summer breeze will help you cool down and focus on exploration of ancient historical monuments, monasteries and institutions. You’ll get the most from the summer while doing your least.