To all the extreme-lovers! Grab your backpack and rush to mountainous Armenia – a hotspot of adventure travel thanks to its cutting-edge sports facilities. Get ready to soar from Armenian ziplines with open eyes to capture all its beauty.

Throughout Armenia, zip-lining activities are available in Yerevan, such as Yerevan Zipline Airlines, as well as Yell Extreme Park in Yenokavan (5 different lines), Zip Line in Tsaghkadzor (the length of 700 m. and the height  of 130 m.), as well as in Dilijan (Lake Parz Entertainment Park). Zip-lining is not for faint-hearted, but for the most courageous thrill seekers, although you do not have to be a professional to take part in these adventures.

Yell Extreme Park in Yenokavan has the largest offering for extreme sport lovers, such as Paragliding, Horseback Riding, Off Road, Mountain Biking, etc . Ziplines are by far the most visited facilities here. Yell Extreme Park currently has 5 different zip-lines that vary with the length of the zip: the shortest line is 135 meters long, while the longest one is 750 meters long. The canyons and gorges that lie below the ziplines are about 200-300 meters high. “Yell” is located next to Lastiver Cave, which is famous for its little waterfalls, wooden huts, hiking trails, and pure green nature.

The other two ziplines are also located near popular tourism spots of Armenia. Tsaghkadzor zipline is close to the Kecharis Monastery and Tsaghkadzor ropeway. Dilijan zipline is located at Lake Parz, and the cable lines stretch along the waters of the lake.

Yerevan Zipline Airlines is the longest in Armenia at this moment and is believed to be one of the fastest in the world.
The first line is about 870 meters long. The highest point is in the beginning - 123 meters. The zipline passes under a bridge at 87-90 meters height.

The second line is 650 meters, with the height of 60 meters. The speed is reached up to 120-130 kilometers per hour, giving a huge dose of adrenaline as well as unique and dreamlike moments to the visitors.

Needless to say, all three zip-lines correspond to strict safety standards. They undergo regular security checks to ensure the safety of extreme sport lovers. Trainer advice and necessary equipments are provided at all four parks.

Zip-lining in Armenia is available all year round. You can experience the thrill both in summer and winter! All four seasons offer a unique natural landscape for you to enjoy while flying on the cable. The nature of Armenia is far more amazing from above, so do not miss your chance to enjoy the scenery and take some cool photos.

If you are wondering about the best places to visit in Armenia, these extreme parks can be your choice. You will enjoy both the nature and adrenaline that this extreme activity provides.