Sevan Music Fest

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One thing that never gets old is music by the lakeside. Sevan Music Festival invites you to enjoy live music on the shores of Lake Sevan. Gain new emotions and make great memories!

11 Aug

Organized since 2015, Sevan Music Festival unites young and old alike around music. This year, the festival will take place on August 11, when it is too hot to stay anywhere far from water.

Enjoying live performances of young artists on outdoor stages of Sevan will seem like a fairytale to you. The goal of Sevan Music Festival is to give a chance to young artists to perform in front of large audiences. These emerging artists, in their turn, have the liberty to perform either solo or in groups. 

Listening to music is great, but how far can you survive without good food during the whole festival? Obviously, not much. For this very reason, the festival will feature famous cooks who will prepare delicious dishes from local fish. These amazing fish meals will astonish every curious and hungry visitor. 

In addition to music and tasty food, there will also be boat tours on Lake Sevan. This breathtaking journey on Sevan will not only make you feel refreshed but also will make you aware of the strategic importance of the lake and its surrounding for Armenia. 

Pack up your things and come to Sevan Lake to enjoy live performances, local fish and boat tours! August 11 will be the day to remember.