Sheep Shearing Festival

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Here is another reason to travel to Armenia. Join the annual festival to explore the traditions and culture of Vayots Dzor and Syunik regions.

09 Jun
297 km

Sheep Shearing Festival: Another Reason to Travel to Armenia

Summer is here, and so are the cool festivals all around Armenia. June 9 is the Sheep Shearing Festival in Khot village, settlement of Tatev community of Syunik region. The festival first took place 5 years ago.

In general, sheep need shearing twice a year. Before the shearing starts, participants feed the sheep to make sure it is not afraid of the process. Participants use traditional scissors for the shearing.

After the shearing, the sheep fur undergoes a special process so that local artisans can make a carpet of it. During the festival, skillful artisans conduct a master class on how to make a carpet from sheep fur.

Tourists can enjoy an open-air fair and exhibitions on the "sheep" theme. Armenian folk music and dances are an inseparable component of the festival.

Syunik region is the best place for the festival because sheep farming is on a high level there. The region is home to such tourist attractions as Tatev Monastery and other sites.