Shopping, Tipping and Bargaining

There are all kinds of shops and markets in Armenia, from high-end clothing stores on Northern Avenue, to bustling outdoor local craft markets like Vernissage, and aromatic food markets lining the streets – bargaining is part of the pleasure of this unique experience.

​The outdoor markets are generally operate every Saturday and Sunday of the warmer months, but some also continue into the winter.  Vernissage is open every weekend all year round. Food markets are ideal places to get locally grown, organic vegetables and fruits, and are available throughout Yerevan, both indoor and outdoor. 

In Armenia, particularly in Yerevan, restaurants usually add a 10% service charge to the bill. However, tipping is always up to the consumer’s discretion.

Tourists can also enjoy the duty-free status on almost all goods bought in Armenia; just show your receipts at the Converse Bank at the airport before you leave to be reimbursed for all your purchases!