SlackLife Fest 2021: Feeling the Adrenaline Rush in Hell Canyon

After more than a year spent in lockdown, we now find ourselves free, both literally and figuratively. The shackles of anxiety and uncertainty that were controlling our lives these last few months are loosening . Finally, things are going back to normal, and we can breathe again… freely!

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this long-awaited reunion with the outdoor life, than spending time in Nature, and allowing it to pump up our adrenaline. This past weekend, SlackLife Fest Armenia was happening, and there was no way we would miss it.

Organized by Step Slackliner Armenia and Scream of Soul, this is the quintessential go-to event for extreme sport fans, thrill seekers, and adventure aficionados. 
However, you don’t have to be an adrenaline junky or a pro to participate and get a kick out of it. 
This festival is for everyone, and anyone who enjoys breathtaking scenery and simply likes to breathe some clean air. 
In fact, it takes place in Hell Canyon (yes, the name might seem a bit intimidating, but the Nature there is heavenly). Situated in the heart of the country, in the Ararat Province, just exploring the surroundings there is an experience in itself. 
With its lush green fields and majestic rocks, Hell Canyon offers the ideal setting both technically and esthetically for adventure activities and sport festivals.

These 2 days were filled to the brim with adrenaline inducing moments such as rope jumping from the peak of the rocks, or climbing these rocks. Another interesting experience was getting on the space net, which pretty much is what its name tells: a net suspended in the sky, between 2 rocks, where you have to climb in order to reach it and then sit there to enjoy an aerial view of what’s going on around you. Basically, it’s the opportunity to literally sit high up in the sky. 
Of course slacklining was on the menu also: a somewhat challenging activity if you’re trying it for the first time. It pretty much tests your ability to focus and to balance your body which isn’t easy once you’re up there on that tiny rope. And let’s not forget about Yoga, and many more activities that might seem tedious at first, but once you set your mind on doing them, they are totally worth your while.        At night, you could stay there camping. Even though daytime in Hell Canyon offers scenery that is pure feast to the eyes, there is something magical in spending your evening in the middle of Nature, in a tent. You’ll connect with it like never before, feel it and enjoy it on other levels.

Of course, Saturday evening was also an opportunity to socialize and meet fellow like minded, adventure driven people. 

To sum it up it was a night full of fun, singing and dancing around the bonfire. Sounds great, doesn’t it?                                                    We all need these kinds of events once in a while, because they truly are liberating. This typeof sports make us break our barriers and overcome our limits. When we challenge ourselves and get into situations that we found intimidating, we end up learning more about ourselves, who we are and what we really are capable of.

So listen to that voice inside you telling you that you can do it and focus on it, and make that jump, because once you do it, you’ll undoubtedly rise stronger and more confident. 
This time of year in Armenia is beyond exciting, and SlackLife Fest is one of the first events of the season. Armenia is known for its spring/summer festivals and there are plenty more to come. From food related events to cultural celebrations, there’s definitely something for everyone. This year, of course we are being more careful than ever before, and taking all the right precautions, but with the world starting to get little by little back on track, we are yearning  again to celebrate and fill our days with positive emotions and memories, and Armenia is the ideal place for that!

- Blogpost by Grace Jerejian  / Photos by DreamShots