The Cascade

The widespread question of “What shall you see and visit once in Yerevan” gets the answer “Surely, Cascade” almost 99% of the time. And here you are, welcome to Cascade!

​Cascade Yerevan is the beating heart of the city. It is where the youth gathers for drinks, it is where all open-air concerts are held, it is where you can capture the best panorama of Yerevan. Cascade’s benefits are probably countless.

The construction of Cascade began in 1971 and it was partly completed 1980. However, since then, the monument was undergoing renovations to become more appealing and more unique. The final and current form of this staircase-formed monument has been standing there since the  last phase of renovation in 2009.

It is important to note that Cascade does not merely refer to this colossal stairway. The whole district, or rather the “patio”, that lies behind Yerevan’s chief architect Alexander Tamanian’s statue, is the very Cascade we know. It is from that wide hallway-patio that you get the feeling of what Cascade is all about – modern art.

Due to the Armenian-American businessman and art collector Gerard Cafesjians’s investments and connections, Cascade has become a valuable open-air and free-access modern art museum. Artists like Fernando Botero (Colombian sculptor), Lynn Chadwick (British sculptor, one of the giants of 20th century art), Barry Flanagan (Welsh sculptor), Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova (Czech couple), Paul Cox (English sculptor), Jaume Plensa (Spanish Catalan artist and sculptor) are featured at Cascade, and all passers-by have a chance to enjoy their masterpieces for free, just during your morning or evening walk.

If we look at Cascade as a building, we can claim that it has several floors. On each storey, the building exposes distinctive pieces of art and conveys a unique mood. On every “floor” there is also an inside hall, with different contemporary art works and automatic escalators. There are more free-access museums inside the building, including a free-access modern art museum-store, temporary exhibitions of famous Armenian and international artists, and on the top, one can find the Swarovski Crystal Palace Museum.

Cascade has been everyone’s all-time favorite not only because of these high-end valuable artworks, but because of the fantastic view on Yerevan that one can enjoy from the top of Cascade, with Mount Ararat standing behind Yerevan’s iconic pink buildings.

Cascade has also become an auspicious venue for youth pastime because of the recent emergence of cozy terraced cafes that allow for friendly gatherings, lively conversations, and why not, productive business meetings.

The foot of Cascade staircases has also become the perfect place for jazz concerts, traditional Armenian dancing masterclasses, and more. Cascade stairways have recently been the host of famous American blogger Nas Daily’s very first video about Armenia. Other famous guests who have been coming to Armenia, visit Cascade in the first place. One of the recent examples is American actor John Malkovich, and others.

Once you find yourself in Cascade, you will surely find for even more beautiful sight that we have initially mentioned in our article. 

Love is in the air in Cascade. Visit and get amazed yourself.