The Perfect Hike is just a click away...

For all the hiking aficionados out there, Armenia embodies all that you're looking for and more. There is always something new to explore here and you will never be bored or lack options.

For all the hiking aficionados out there, Armenia embodies all that you're looking for and more. With a wide diversity of territories and landscapes to choose from there is always something new to explore here and you will never be bored or lack options.

Hiking could be and certainly is fun and exciting, but the most challenging part is taking that first step, and no, we don't mean literally the first step of the hike, more like the decision to pack up and actually go on one. Because, let's face it, most of the time it can get confusing. Where to start? Which destination to choose? Which trail to take? What to expect while hiking...

Well, HIKEArmenia has got it all figured out for you. This nonprofit NGO, aims to ameliorate the Hiking sector in Armenia by promoting Armenia as a hiking destination and developing the hiking infrastructure across the country all the while letting you make the most of your experience in the smoothest way possible. So if you are planning on starting an explorative adventure in one of the many regions of Armenia, all you have to do is go to their website or install their mobile application, which will soon be also available in Russian and later on in Armenian, French and German. Creatively designed to be highly user friendly, fun and easy to navigate through and totally free! There, you can see in detail all of the 47 trails which HIKEArmenia has on their platforms (this number is constantly increasing as they keep on marking and building new trails). Through the filter option, you would be able to narrow down your search by choosing the level of difficulty that suits you, the trail type or the distance of your Hike.

You will even be able to get accommodation options in the area, the available transportation modes to get you there, or the contact of tour guides who speak different languages along with reviews from past hikers and even GPS tracks that work offline in order for you to navigate the trails when you're on the scene.

But the thing we prefer about HIKEArmenia beyond anything else is the fact that more than acting as a much needed companion to your hiking trip, it also makes sure that you don't miss out on any of the Cultural, Historical and Architectural gems on your way. As a matter of fact, when you choose your destination, you will get a detailed description about the must see sights and the stops worth making on your journey.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead move those muscles, explore the delightful Nature of Armenia, do some cultural sightseeing on your way, and get rid of the stress of everyday life, we promise it will feel so magically good that you will want to repeat the experience again and again!

Now the only thing left is to pick a destination, will it be a walk through the forest of Dsegh, birthplace of writer Hovhannes Tumanyan? Explore the whispering waterfall? Discover the semi-abandoned village of old Martiros? Go on a challenging climb on the Mount Apakeqar and enjoy the breathtaking view? Or just enjoy a quick walk with your family around Parz Lake? These any more trails... The choice is yours, the world is your oyster!

The HIKEArmenia team is highly active and always working on adding new trails to their archive. Oh, and if you are interested to learn more about Hiking in Armenia and have some questions for them, you could drop by to their cool and cozy office in the center of Yerevan or use the website "Plan Your Trip" feature to contact them digitally, they will be more than happy to help and talk to you about their passion ...hiking in picturesque Armenia.

* * by Grace Jerejian