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Healing Powers of Armenia


Resorts and Spa Towns

Armenia has excellent options for leisure and recreation. Spa hotels and resorts can be located in the enticing regions of Kotayk, Tavush, and Vayots Dzor.

Mineral water treatments, hydrotherapy pools, hot stone massages, grape seed peeling massages, and relaxation in hot water saunas. Enjoy these and more without a care in the world!


There are estimated to be over 700 thermal springs in Armenia. People from all over the world travel to Armenia to visit the hot springs for medical purposes, as the heated water emerging from the underground is stated to have healing qualities. You can visit Jermuk, Hankavan, Arzni, and Dilijan for unique experiences. 


Jermuk is well-known for its mineral water resources and offers a variety of fantastic spa hotels for relaxation and treatments. Hot springs and mineral water therapies are also famous in Hankavan and Arzakan. A number of spa resorts stand out for their superior customer care, an extensive selection of activities, and family-friendly packages. You can choose from a variety of therapies to unwind, recover, and feel revitalized.



Speleotherapy is one of the most interesting wellness activities available in Armenia.

Not only can you get a healthy dose of oxygen and benefit from pine tree pollination (May to June) at Dendropark near Stepanavan and Ijevan, but you can also attend expert seminars for respiratory therapy.


In Yerevan, you can go to Avan Arinj's salt mine to get treatment for respiratory conditions. If you plan to stay in Armenia for a while, you can make several trips to the clinic to improve your respiratory health. Get a beneficial start to your health on your next trip to Armenia! 




Armenia is rich in water resources, including mineral waters and hot springs.

Jermuk, Hankavan, and Arzni resorts stand out for their extensive offerings of water treatments and hydrotherapy sessions. 


While in Jermuk, you can visit Jermuk Spa Resort or Armenia Resort for water treatment. With a local doctor's prescription, you can drink natural hot water at varying temperatures from a tap. Remember to take an off-road drive to the natural hot springs on the slopes of the Jermuk mountains to experience Jermuk fully.


Grape and Wine Therapy

Looking for various wellness opportunities and medical treatments?

Given Armenia has dozens of superb wines and an endemic type of Areni grape, it would be a miss if we did not provide true grape and wine therapy sessions to our visitors. 


For priceless memories, go to Wine & Grapes Spa in Yerevan, where the use of grape seed oil in massages and wine baths are just a few of the services offered. Enjoy these rejuvenating practices as a way to care for your body and mind.


Medical Tourism

Armenia offers several options for medical visits.

You can combine your leisure and recreation with medical procedures and surgeries, aesthetic and cosmetic interventions, and dental work. 


Taking care of your health and wellness in Armenia is a wise choice since the quality of service provided is superb and, at the same time, affordable. Private clinics, hospitals, and public healthcare facilities offer reasonable pricing for treating health issues as well as cosmetic treatments, dental work, or plastic or reconstructive surgery.

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