Tolma Festival

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Join the very festival to explore one of the traditional dishes of Armenian cuisine and taste the varities of tolma.

20 May
84.2 km

Tolma Festival on May 20: Why to get involved?​

Dolma (or Tolma) is a one of the most famous traditional dishes in Armenia. It is made from ground beef mixed with rice and spices folded in grape or cabbage leaves, and vegetables. Dolma is so symbolic for the Armenian cuisine and culture, that there is a separate festival for it. It takes place in a different region of Armenia each year: this year's venue is Hnaberd, Aragatsotn region.

The festival shows around 60 varieties of Dolma and features a lot of Armenian folk music and dances.​

One of the highlights of the festival is the competition among cooks and chefs from different restaurants. They introduce varieties of Dolma, and the jury decides the winners. Participants compete in three nominations: best taste, best appearance, and best idea. 

This culinary festival on the May 20 is a good opportunity to get involved in the Armenian culture. It is also a perfect chance for you to taste different varieties of Dolma that even most local Armenians have never tasted. 

Save the date: May 20 is a "Dolma" party that you will never forget.