Top 5 Spa Destinations in Armenia


Travelers from all around the world head to Armenia to relax and experience the world famous healing resorts. From detox programs to mineral waters with healing properties - Armenia has it all. Prepare to pack your bags as we present to you the top 5 spa destinations in Armenia that you must visit.

​Ararat Health Spa

Located in Jermuk, the Ararat Health Spa offers variety of healing treatments to ensure rest and relaxation of the clients. The close proximity with the mineral water source allows the resort to provide variety of treatments including hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, paraffin therapy as well as massage therapy. If you need to regain your physical and spiritual health this resort is just for you.

Nairi Spa Resorts

Focusing on overall mind-body wellbeing, Nairi Spa Resorts is a perfect place for you to let go of all your problems and focus on improving your health. The compounds of the resort are located over the healing hot springs of Hankavan. The healing waters include components such as natrium, calcium and magnesium which are proven to cure gastroenteric and metabolic disorders. 

Arzni Health Resort

Head into the Kotayk region to heal at the Arzni Health Resort, designed specifically for your relaxation. This unique and modern resort doesn’t only offer mineral water treatment and pine baths, but also Tibetan methods, acupuncture and oxygen therapy. Arzni Health Resort is the only resort in the former USSR territory to offer coronary artery disease, post-infarction and post-stroke rehabilitation. The holistic treatments offered by the hotel promote nothing, but good health and relaxation.  

Aya Maria Wellness Resort

Thinking about going on a Detox holiday to clear your mind, cleanse your body and improve your health? Head towards the outskirts of Yerevan as the Aya Maria Wellness Resort offers both Detox services as well as Royal Armenian Baths. The lovely setting along with the attentive staff will make you unwilling to leave the place. The treatments help the guests achieve both physical well-being and spiritual balance.

Armenia Wellness & Spa Hotel

Vocations are a perfect time to unwind, relax and prioritize your mental and physical well being. Armenia Wellness & Spa Hotel is great place to recoup. The surrounding amazing nature along with the natural mineral water sources will help you reboot your health while having a great time throughout. It’s a safe, quiet and happy place where you will improve your sleep and lower your stress without you even noticing.