Airport Transfers

Yerevan Zvartnots Airport is located west of Yerevan. A good number of flight routes are connected to the airport, including low cost carriers such as Wizzair, Lot airlines, Eurowings, etc.

Thanks to a good and efficient transport system, you would have several options to consider for transportation to and from Zvartnots Airport. The airport is approximately a 20 minute ride from the City center (12 km).

This list is useful to save time and help you get to where you want once you land in Armenia, or if you're heading to the airport.

Airport Express #201 (Elitebus)

A comfortable and very affordable way to get to Zvartnots airport from Yerevan.

The Elitbus works 24/7. And is available to take every 30 or 60 minutes, according to this schedule:

Zvartnots International Airport Center

07:00 - 22:00 Every 30 Minutes

22:00 - 07:00 Every 60 Minutes

Center Zvartnots International Airport

07:30 - 22:30 Every 30 Minutes

22:30 - 07:30 Every 60 Minutes

Start points:

- Abovyan street (next to monument to Isahakyan)

- Republic Square; Amiryan street;

- Mashtots avenue (to the direction of Pak Shuka (Close market))

- Admiral Isakov avenue,

- Argavand

- Zvartnots airport

(Ticket cost: 300 AMD (less than $1))

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Once you exit the airport, you can easily spot the brand new Toyota Corolla cars by Yandex Taxi, these are the official airport taxis and you can benefit from a special ‘’airport tariff’’ that starts from a minimum fee of 3000 AMD (approx. $6)

You can also easily order any of the regular taxis in Armenia, all you have to do is to download the application for gg Taxi, Yandex Taxi or Utaxi. The cost will be approximately about $6.

Public Transport

You can get to the Zvartnots Airport with the Bus 201. They would be stationed at the city center crossroads of Sayat-Nova and Mashtots Streets in Yerevan.This is the most budget friendly option casting only 100 AMD.

Rent A Car

You can also opt for getting your own private car by renting it through one of several car services. You can check this site.