Health and Wellness Tourism in Armenia

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More than 200 rivers and streams, fed by melting snow and natural mineral springs. The various resorts in Armenia offer all types of relaxation methods for every season – places of rest up in the mountains to escape the heat of the summer, or down in the lower valleys to escape the cold of winter.

Health Tourism in Armenia

Armenia is an extremely attractive destination for health tourism. Travelers from all around the world head to Armenia to experience the local world famous healing resorts. Armenia offers a course on speleotherapy to people with respiratory and lung diseases to be treated by the microclimate in underground caves: 20 sessions in salt mines and oxygen cocktail guarantee recovery and safeguarding against influenza throughout the season. You may fortify the results in conifer forests in Dilijan where a tuberculosis sanatorium used to be in Soviet times.

The high degree of professionalism among Armenian dentists and low prices on treatment and prosthetics when compared to other countries make the country a leading destination for dental tourism. Armenia is an undiscovered treasure for medical tourism. Visiting the country will give you a chance to combine sightseeing with health and relaxation. The low prices, excellent equipment and the professional staff allow for an amazing experience that will benefit your health over a long period of time after.

Relaxing Nature of Armenia

Armenia is home to more than 200 rivers and streams. So while many tourists get the impression from visiting the Ararat Valley that Armenia is a dry country, it could not be farther from the truth. The varied climate around Armenia, and the constantly changing seasons, have pushed locals to create resorts.  This tradition that has carried on throughout the centuries, is now exemplified by the resort towns of Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk, Hankavan, Dilijan and many others around the country.

The people who travel to Armenia for medical purposes will find themselves in a happy place. Undergoing a surgery in a foreign country may be stressful despite the good service, so the fresh air and the unforgettable landscapes of Armenia become a great escape from all this. There are many spa resorts located all over the country that will allow you to regain your physical and spiritual health. It’s a perfect unwind and relax. It’s a country not only perfect for medical tourism, but also the recovery process.

Curative Springs of Jermuk

There are more than 350 mineral spring waters including almost all types of balneology classification. Sanatoria and spa hotels were built in the areas of those spring waters. The most famous balneological resort is Jermuk that is located high in the mountains of Vayots Dzor. There are three different types of spring waters at the resort: normal (cold, up to 5-6° С), narzan (sparkling water) and thermal springs (up to 63-64° С) that make this area famous. 

As the legend goes, a wounded deer discovered the springs. It jumped into the spring water wounded by a gunshot and emerged out of it safe and sound and completely recovered. Jermuk is a very comfortable place to get treated or simply have a rest considering its mild climate and modern resorts and spa hotels. Breathe deep the mountain air, enjoy the atmosphere of the old-regime resort, and drink the springs prescribed by the doctor.

Throughout the world, thermal and mineral springs are created as underground reservoirs of water are squeezed by the shifting landmasses, and the rising pressure forces the water to find its way up to the surface. This process is far from instantaneous, and the water has time to dissolve within it a huge variety of minerals. In addition to the pressure, as the cones of the once volcanically active Caucasus died down, their activity did not cease, and continued to heat the underground water, which finds paths through the fissured rock as the heat expands it, and forces it to come spewing out.