Hiking and Trekking in Armenia

Rocky mountains, winding roads, large forests and gorge-labyrinths within beautiful and diverse nature, make Armenia a paradise for those who seek active tours and adventure in untouched nature.

​​Hiking Across Armenia

First thing you learn about Armenia is that it’s a mountainous country with breathtaking scenery. This comes in handy for the hiking lovers. Armenia combines the modern urban aesthetic with the beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife, offering endless possibilities for adventures and relaxation. It would be a shame if people would visit the country without heading for a hike in its highlands. Outside of the capital, Armenia is a relatively untouched wonderland. 

The hospitality of the locals along with the untouched nature offer a wide range of adventures for keen hikers. Possibilities of hiking across the motley landscapes of Armenia are endless. Hiking groups are expanding the outdoor possibilities of Armenia by trailblazing towards remote monasteries, setting higher standards for hiking up the many mountains and involving an ever-growing local and international community. 

Trekking Untouched Territories

Treks abound in the vast untouched territories of Armenia․ You have the chance to explore the mysteries of the Armenian nature and, why not, even visit cultural landmarks and villages, hidden deep in the mountains. Тhe routes into the mountains become adventurous getaways from everyday life, big packs strapped to each person’s back carrying the essentials for survival and comforts away from home – including tents, sleeping bags, food and clothing. With each step you seem to merge with the nature, becoming one with it. All the stress and thoughts seem to slip away with each step you take up the mountains and down the canyons.

The freedom of nature and the true expanse of the skies open up as you near Ughtasar in the Syunik Province, where ancient civilizations left petroglyphs carved into rocks; symbols of goats, hunts, geometric shapes and the stars of the zodiac, arranged in specific patterns to convey unknown messages. At night, at this altitude and this far from the busy city life, the heavens seem to open up to you to show you stars that you never even knew existed! ​

Main Hiking Destinations 

​There are a number of hiking trails that have already been mapped for your safety and convenience as well as tracks that you can discover on your own. Mount Aragats, the tallest mountain of the country, has a number of different routes to each of the four prominent peaks, as well as hiking trails to Amberd Fortress, Kari Lake, and the monasteries around its lower folds. While climbing up the southern peak is quite easy, the northern one proves to be rather challenging. The duality of Mount Aragats offers
opportunities for both beginners and professionals. 

The Dilijan National Park is raising the bar for quality hiking – pioneering trail-making techniques to clean up and provide clear paths to follow for the everyday man willing to explore the beautiful nature of the forest. You can take a short hike to Jukhtakvank, or if you’re feeling energized, you can attempt to walk the more foreboding 13km hike from Haghartsin Monastery down to the center of the city.

The list of hiking destinations in Armenia can go on and on due to the unique topography of the country. All you need to do is to take your hiking essentials, clothing, gear and accessories, order your tickets and head straight into the heart of the Armenian nature. The best time for hiking in Armenia falls between the months of July-August, yet if you’re a skilled climber you can enjoy the peaks of Armenia at any season. If you feel too lonely hiking alone and if you don’t have any friends were able to join you on your trip, you can always join one of the hiking tours