Nightlife and Entertainment

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Nightlife in Yerevan is pulsating. It is brimming with old, young, tourists and locals alike. It’s a fusion of the old and new, the ballet and the jazz club, the theater and the cafe, old traditions and new trends. It is the ultimate blend of a modern, global soiree with an Armenian twist.

The city center resembles a huge lively cafe, where people spend their leisure time over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Particularly lively and crowded is at the Republic Square. This is the most popular place in the city, as in the summertime exactly at 21:00 the singing fountains start their work, and people walking around have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the enchanting music coupled with special lighting effects.

In recent years, the culture of nightlife in Yerevan has moved to a whole new level. Just a few years ago, the venues for spending nighttime leisure were limited to only a couple of establishments comprised of a few karaoke clubs and discos leaving much to be desired. Now the situation has changed for the better, new venues for spending nighttime leisure with the high level of service and atmosphere to European standards. From chic restaurants to cozy art cafés, from wine bars to pubs, from nightclubs to undergrounds – Yerevan has much to offer to the lovers of nightlife and hangouts.

​Most nightclubs are located in the city center. Local bands performing in various genres, ranging from jazz, hard rock to ethnic music are frequent guests in the clubs. On special occasions and events, popular DJs from Europe and Russia are also invited to perform. In Yerevan clubs, there is no strict face control. The dress-code is usually casual and smart-casual. Entrance is usually free, unless there is scheduled a concert or an event. In most clubs, you can order all kinds of alcoholic drinks for every taste and budget, continental cuisine and a hookah.