Ski Resorts: High Quality, Beautiful Nature and Pleasant Climate


Learn about the best ski resorts in Armenia ahead of the winter holidays.

​Since Soviet times, Armenia was famous for its ski resort in Tsaghkadzor. Today, skiing is actively developing as tourism destination in Armenia and in winter it is visited by a huge number of tourists, ranging from professional skiers to amateurs. Over the past few years, in addition to Tsaghkadzor, new ski resorts began to function in two other cities of Armenia.

In the main winter resort towns (Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk, Sevan) there are many hotels, restaurants, shops and everything that is necessary for a comfortable stay. All complexes offering winter sports and entertainment strictly comply with safety standards, they are equipped with modern structures and are regularly checked to ensure high safety for visitors.

Trails in the ski resorts are suitable for tourists with any level of skiing skills, and their quality is not inferior to the famous European resorts. Another important advantage of  Armenia as tourism destination is reasonable prices.

Let's take a look at the ski resorts of Armenia in detail.


Tsaghkadzor (Flower gorge) is the most famous, largest and developed mountain resort in Armenia, located 40 minutes from Yerevan at the foot of Teghenis Mountain. In Soviet times, there was a sports base of the Soviet Union Olympic reserve in Tsaghkadzor.
The ski season in Tsaghkadzor begins from mid-December and lasts until the end of March. Daytime temperatures in winter range from -2 to -6 degrees.

Currently, Tsaghkadzor is a modern resort, with European lifts, high-quality trails, comfortable hotels (with a shuttle service to the ski lift) and restaurants. A modern cable car including three successive lifts with a total length of 4,200 meters operates in Tsaghkadzor.
Experienced skiers will use the slope with steep slopes, the beginning of which is located at an altitude of 2819 km above sea level, which is 10 m lower than the highest in Courchevel. For amateurs, there is a quieter route with a length of 3 kilometers. In the sports complex, you can also use the services of professional instructors.

From the top of Mount Teghenis, which can be reached by a LEITNER cable car with heated seats, opens a picturesque panorama.

Here are the costs:

A ticket for one lift costs 1500 drams (3$), an unlimited number of lifts for 2 days - 16000 drams (33$), a subscription for a week will cost 49000 drams (100$). Ski instructor services will cost 10,000 drams (20.5$) per hour, while snowboarding costs 15,000 drams (31$). The cost of renting a set of skis is 8000 drams (16.4$) per day, and a set with a snowboard - 10,000 drams (20.5$).


Jermuk city is one of the most fascinating and interesting cities of Armenia. Jermuk has been famous for its healing mineral waters and hot springs for decades. However, recently the city began to develop as a ski resort.

The ski slopes are located on Mount Shish in Jermuk, which is located 170 km from Yerevan. There are two routes available: 1,400 m long for amateurs and 1,300 m for more experienced tourists. If you want to not only ski, but also to relax and recover, then you need to visit Jermuk. There are many spa hotels in Jermuk offering therapeutic treatments, such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, paraffin therapy, massage, etc.

All this, including the incredible beauty of nature with dense forests, will provide an opportunity to relax and recover both physically and spiritually.

Daily temperature in winter in Jermuk ranges from +1 to -6 degrees. It should be noted that Jermuk is less windy than Tsaghkadzor.

Here are some costs:

The cost of the lift is 1000 drams (2$) for one lift, or ski-pass 6000 drams (12.3$) per day. You can rent skis or snowboard for 6000 AMD (12.3$) and 10,000 AMD (20.5$). The cost of one hour of classes with an instructor will be 10,000 drams (20.5$).


If you love nature and picturesque panoramas and want to combine it with skiing, then you will not find anything more suitable than Sevan.

Akhtamar ski resort is located right on the shores of the lake, in the village of Tsovagyuh. The complex has two high-quality trails (2 and 1.2 km). A chairlift works on the slope of the mountain Uryatstap (2324 m above sea level). The daily subscription price is 5000 AMD (10.3$). You can also rent a kit in the complex and use the services of an instructor.

The air temperature in winter in Sevan ranges from -3 to -6 degrees. In rare cases, the water in the lake freezes and the lake is covered with a layer of ice.

A nice bonus for tourists at the resort in Sevan will be a delicious meal, namely local trout and crayfish dishes.
In addition to all the above, Armenia is famous for its special hospitality and delicious cuisine. So if you want to ski at affordable prices, enjoy the fresh air, picturesque nature and taste incredibly delicious food, then choose one of the three resorts described and come to Armenia. We are waiting for you!