Mountain biking trail description: The mountain biking trail of Armaghan is located in Gegharkunik province. The trail starts from Martuni town to Lernahovit village on M10 freeway, then the way continuous towards the village of Madina till the end, continue driving along the highway towards Mount Armaghan direction. The road to Armaghan is immensely beautiful and full of expectations when reaching the lake and St. Harutyun church on the summit. There are ridges on the mountain where the bike ride is impossible because of sloping. Near the summit of Armaghan Mountain, the winding road becomes a sandstone and a little harder to drive. The rugged peak, the church, the breeze, the lingering lake, will "recharge" and provide with infinite purity, peace and harmony which along with intertwined nature will enhance the drive of mountain biking route landing. Safety and Security Ucom and MTS Armenia telecoms are accessible all the time. In emergency cases call 911 or 112. Beware of the leashed-off dogs guiding the sheep. Technical description Best period: from June till October. Biking trail length: 17.152 km Ride duration: 5 hours 41 min. Altitude from see level: 2200 -2850-2200 m. The 95% of the road is grinding land and asphalt. Take a bottle of water with you. How to reach the destination To cross the above described mountain biking route it is necessary to reach Gyumri, Madina is in Gegharkunik The most convenient way is to travel by taxi. Taxis are affordable in Armenia. Please use the taxis that have counters.
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