Geghard - Geghardarik - Mount Azhdahak - 3597 m - Aknalich-Tsaghkashen Village Trekking trail description: The presented trekking trail lasts several days, 4 days and 3 nights. The trekking starts from Geghard village in Kotayk province, 1930-meter altitude from sea level. Before starting the trekking, it is worthy to visit Geghard Monastery, listen to Armenian spiritual music spreading from the upper acoustic hall, that can be a great start of the trip. Day 1: From the village of Geghard, the road goes up to Geghardarch or Vishapalich. There are old drum stones called “vishapakar” in the lake area. Swimming in the lake is dangerous. (overnight stay in the tent). Day 2: On the second day, the trekkers will climb the valley of Mount Azhdahak (overnight stay in the tent). Next morning the peak of Mount Azhdahak, 3795 meters of altitude from sea level, is the next destination. Only after third day the trail starts to go down to Lake Akna. On the 4th day, in the morning, the trekking continues to Geghama Mountains, to Tsaghkashen village of Gegharkunik province. Safety and Security: The telecom connections are available on this trail. During the rainy days it is not advisable to be on the mountains without lightening. In emergency cases call 911 or 112. Beware of leashed-off dogs in the villages. Technical description Best period: from June 20 to September 10. Trekking trail length: 51 Kilometers. Walk duration: three nights, four days. Altitude from sea level: 1930-3597-2000 meters. Take a bottle of water with you. How to get to the destination In order to cross the above mentioned trail, it is necessary to leave Yerevan by taxi to Geghard village. The return is from Tsaghkashen village. Please use the taxis with counters. Taxis throughout Armenia are quite affordable.
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