From Ltsen to Tatev monastery Trekking trail description: The trekking starts from Ltsen Village of Syunik province. It passes through the picturesque reservoir of Shamb. The road to Liege is picturesque with sloppy roads and outlines of mountains following each other. From Sisian to Ltsen can be reached by taxi because public transport does not operate. The trail is indicated in the middle of the village. The road is challenging. Getting out of the village most of the trails goes through forests. Usually, these trails are more for an enthusiastic climbers and the walk is becoming more spectacular. Also, it is possible to visit several outstanding sights on the way: Zorats Karer (Sisian), Shaki Waterfall (Sisian), Old Khndzoresk Caves (Khndzoresk Village), Swing Bridge (Khndzoresk Village), Tatevs Ropeway and Devil's Bridge (Halidzor and Tatev villages). Safety and security From Ltsen to Tatev Ucom and MTS Armenia telecom connections are always available. In emergency cases call 911 or 112. Beware of leashed-off dogs guarding the sheep. Technical description Best period: from May to October. Trekking trail length: 16.64 km. Walk Duration: 6 hours, 31 minutes. Altitude from sea level 1534-1507meters. Trail visibility: 100%. Take a bottle of water with you. How to get to the destination To get to the above-mentioned trekking trail, the hikers have to reach to Ltsen village of Syunik province. Taxis throughout Armenia are quite affordable. Please use the taxis with counters.
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